Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cucalorus?

cuc•a•lor•us n.,
[orig. Gk. kukaloris, the dance of the shadows.]
1. a film set apparatus placed in front of a light source to create a dappled lighting effect on a subject or background. also cookie, UK. gobo.
2. a film festival in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Festival Attendees:

Where can I get tickets or passes to the festival?

You can buy passes to the festival online and request to have them mailed to you (before October 17). You can also pick them up at Jengo's Playhouse (at 815 Princess Street in Wilmington) anytime in the weeks leading up to the festival.

During the festival, tickets can be purchased at each venue on the day of the screening. Advance tickets for Thalian Hall screenings can be purchased at the Thalian Hall Box Office (910/343/3664) or online at

What kind of films screen at Cucalorus?

Cucalorus screens a little bit of everything. Look for lots of shorts and docs scattered throughout the schedule. Each year, more than 100 films make it onto the lineup. There are roughly 50 narrative and documentary features and about 100 shorts. Short films range from super brief (30 seconds) to 39 minutes. Cucalorus attempts to represent the artform in all its diversity and contradiction.

Can I bring my children to Cucalorus?

Yes. Most daytime screenings are suitable for children. Reading the Festival Program Guide and the online descriptions of festival films should give you an idea of content. If not, feel free to ask staff which films would be appropriate.


Should I send my film to Cucalorus?

We encourage all filmmakers to send us their work. Cucalorus does not divide films up into categories or genres; all films are screened by our Programming committee, made up of accomplished filmmakers, industry professionals, artists, the occasional preacher and one socialist realtor. We accept student films, funny films, erotic films, political films, experimental films, fancy big-money films, and backyard duct-tape films. Anything you can put on a dvd, send it in.

Why doesn't Cucalorus give out awards?

Cucalorus say: competition sucks. It often takes hundreds of people to make a film, so why does one guy get the little statue? Ideas shouldn't be owned by people, and people shouldn't be singled out and ordered in a hierarchy. In order to create an open environment, where ideas are exchanged freely, Cucalorus avoids the competitive tension prevalent at other fests. Laid back and low down rule the day in Cucaloria.

How can I get my film into Cucalorus?

Make a good film. Don't sweat the graphics on your DVD cover. Sweat the story and the camera. Keep making films, and keep sending them in.

Where is Cucalorus?

Cucalorus takes place in historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. All festival events are within walking distance of each other, helping ward off movie-butt syndrome. Wilmington is home to EUE Screen Gems studios, an unruly lot of indie filmmakers, and a thriving, progressive arts community.

How can I get involved?

The best way to get involved in Cucalorus is by becoming a member, submitting a film, or attending an event. Our ongoing 'Friday Nite Films' series takes place every week at Jengo's Playhouse, screening an assortment of new works by contemporary filmmakers.

Can my film screen at Jengo's Playhouse?

Absolutely. Send your film to our office (at Jengo's Playhouse) with an official entry form and a note requesting a Jengo's screening.

When should I submit my film?

Cucalorus accepts submissions on a rolling basis. We use our submission base year round to schedule Jengo's screenings and for our festival line-up. Submit your film as soon as you've finished it.

Can I submit a 'rough-cut'?

Absolutely. Send your film in and then send in newer versions as you make changes. This happens all the time, just make sure to note it's a rough cut.

Can I send in a bribe?

Absolutely. A couple of suggestions? Gift certificates to the 'adult' book store and the ABC store.