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A Light Beneath Their Feet

Director: Valerie Weiss
Narrative Feature :: Magnolia
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Thursday, November 12
7:00 PM
Thalian Main
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Moira McMahon Leeper

Jeffery Loeb, Robert Johnson

Jeffery Waldron

Amanda Griffin

John Swihart

Taryn Manning, Madison Davenport, Maddie Husson, Kurt Fuller, Nora Dunn, Kali Hawk, Carter Jenkins, Brian King, Evan Paglieri, Phillip Van Lear, Addison Stafford, Agneeta Thacker, James Leo Ryan
Release Year:
United States
In this character-driven coming of age story, high school senior Beth Gerringson struggles to decide whether to stay local for college where she can continue to be the stabilizing force in her bipolar mother's life, or go to her dream college across the country. She vents her inner turmoil on her father who, unable to endure the mother's mental illness, has moved on and begun a new family. Beth seeks distraction from her problems in a new boyfriend whose troubled past allows him to empathize with her situation. The family's secrets are exposed when a jealous classmate seeks to reclaim the boyfriend's affections.

Director Bio:
After founding Harvard University's Dudley Film Program and serving as its first Filmmaker-in-Residence, Valerie Weiss, a PhD in biophysics, completed the AFI Directing Workshop for Women where she was honored by BAFTA for her directing of TRANSGRESSIONS, a comedy short. Her first feature film, LOSING CONTROL, was released theatrically in 2012. In addition to her work as a scientist and a filmmaker, Valerie has appeared in an advisory role in several capacities. She has appeared on the L'Oreal For Women in Science: Shaping A New Image Panel, where she spoke alongside astronaut Sally Ride about the importance that film and television will play in reshaping our image of women scientists. She also participated alongside Laura Ziskin and Lauren Shuler-Donner on the Newsweek Advisory Committee for its Women in Leadership issue.