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Keep In Touch

Director: Sam Kretchmar
Narrative Feature :: Magnolia
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Sunday, November 15
12:45 PM
CFCC Union Station
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Sam Kretchmar, Michael Covino

Michael Covino, Rachel Dengiz, Amelia Covino

Ryan Patrick Bachand, Gabbi McPhee, Michael Covino, Reggie Watts, Jill Eikenberry, Peter Friedman, Sarah Nealis, Adam David Thompson, James Colby, Frank Harts

Release Year:
United States
After a major crisis, a man attempts to track down his "first love," only to discover she was killed many years ago in a car accident. Stumbling upon her younger sister online, a musician who bares a striking resemblance, he obsesses and begins a relationship without disclosing his true identity. Keep in touch is the directorial debut of Sam Kretchmar who co-wrote, directed and shot the film. It features original music and performances by singer-songwriter Gabbi McPhee. It's a film about love, family and finding self worth.