Director: John Goldschmidt
Narrative Feature :: Magnolia
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Screening Info:
Friday, November 13
1:00 PM
Thalian Main
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Sunday, November 15
10:15 AM
Thalian Main
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Writers: Jonathan Benson, Jez Freedman

Producers: Wolfgang Esenwein, György Gattyán, John Goldschmidt, András Somkuti

Cinematography: Peter Hannan

Editor: Michael Ellis

Cast: Jonathan Pryce, Jerome Holder
Release Year:
United Kingdom
Curmudgeonly widow Nat Dayan (Jonathan Pryce) obstinately clings to his way of life and his livelihood as a Kosher bakery shop owner in London's East End. With a dwindling clientele and the pressures of encroaching big box stores, Nat reluctantly enlists the help of teenager Ayyash who has a secret side gig selling marijuana to help his struggling immigrant mother make ends meet. When Ayyash accidentally drops his stash into the mixing dough, the challah starts flying off the shelves and an unlikely friendship forms between the old Jewish baker and his young Muslim apprentice. Dough is a warmhearted and gently humorous story about overcoming prejudice and finding redemption in unexpected places.

Director Bio:
John Goldschmidt is an award winning film director and producer, who was born in London and grew up in Vienna. Goldschmidt has both Austrian and British nationality. He studied at the Czech National Film School FAMU and at The Royal College of Art’s Department of Film and Television, where he graduated with a Master of Arts degree. Goldschmidt is resident in London.