Sailing a Sinking Sea

Director: Olivia Wyatt
Documentary Feature :: Voices
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Saturday, November 14
7:15 PM
Thalian Black
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Olivia Wyatt

Executive Producer:
Will Oldham

Olivia Wyatt, Kevin Hayden

Almost every single Moken survived the Tsunami of 2004, thanks to premonitions from their shamans and ancestral wisdom gained from generations of living intimately with the sea. Numbering less than 3,000 they are the nomads scattered throughout the Andaman Sea and the Mergui Archipelago of Thailand and Myanmar. In the wake of the tsunami, the Moken have come under unprecedented pressure to assimilate into the mainstream and the mainland. This culture is evaporating and along with it their vast wisdom of the sea. This feature-length film explores their mythology, language, and relationship with the sea.