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In the Treetops

Director: Matthew Brown
Narrative Feature :: Vanguard
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Friday, November 13
10:00 PM
CFCC Union Station
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Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown

Brittany Brock

Emma Corley Geer, Matthew Brown, Joshua Pagan, Cameron Morton, Gabriel Arant

Release Year:
United States
William, Alissa, Gary, and Eric are close friends at different stages in their high school careers, but the social playing field levels out when they all pack into William's hand me down car on a cold winter's night. Their common goal-avoid going home. When a party is busted, the group picks up Alexa, William's dream girl who joins their road trip to nowhere trespassing and soaking in hot tubs. Alissa takes advantage of a rare moment to get to know William who seems solely focused on his pursuit of Alexa. Finally winding up alone with Alexa, Williams discovers she is not the girl he thought she was. As the sun rises and potential transgressions are illuminated, William and Alissa's friendship could change forever.

Director Bio:
Matthew Brown was born in Winston- Salem, North Carolina. A former sustainable development major turned filmmaker, he is a 2015 graduated from the School of Filmmaking at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Matthew brews his own beer, tends to his garden, and enjoys the great outdoors. In The Treetops is his debut feature film.