Buscabulla - "Caer"

Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Music Video :: Visual/Sound/Walls
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Wednesday, November 11
9:00 PM

Produced by: Pomp&Clout
Buscabulla is so cool that it is quite possible that just watching their 3 minute music video will make you become a cooler person. Here’s some cool facts to ponder as you absorb the coolness of this clip. The singer, Raquel Berrios, is a fashion designer from Puerto Rico, and now currently has a baby with her music and baby making partner Luis Alfredo Del Valle, they live in Brooklyn together, and even though Raquel speaks English, she made the conscious decision to sing all their songs in Spanish. How cool is that? So cool that Blood Orange produced their EP and Pomp&Clout produced this beautiful, black and white, Alan Del Rio Ortiz directed, music video that is real pretty cool.