Celestagramme - ďBos TaurusĒ

Director: ZoŽ Dehmer
Music Video :: Visual/Sound/Walls
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Wednesday, November 11
9:00 PM

Celestagramme has a good friend that happens to be a snake and that snake friend tells her how to build an alter that will help her transform into the electro, multi-verse traveling being that she was born to be. Seems like snakes have good advice sometimes. Thereís that tale in the Bible about that snake telling Eve that she should eat from the tree of knowledge. Some people say that that snake told Eve to do a bad thing; that God character certainly didnít like it. But what kind of God or person wants to deny someone knowledge? No God or person that I wanna talk to. Iíll stick to talking to knowledge loving snakes, thank you very much.

Director will be in attendance.