June, Adrift

Director: Adrienne Subia
Narrative Feature :: Vanguard
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Friday, November 13
10:15 AM
Thalian Black
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Amanda McCann, Christine Moore, Cassie Ramoska

Amanada McCann, Christine Moore, Cassie Ramoska, Reena Dutt, Kasia Trojak

Ellie Ann Fenton

Suzanne Sternlight

Music Supervisor:
Amanda Krieg Thomas

Josh Doyle, Evan Hillhouse

Amanda McCann, Christine Moore, Cassie Ramoska
Release Year:
United States
Emma is an aspiring sound designer in LA stuck paying the bills by creating sound effects for pornos. Barkley has secretly dropped out of her Masters program but still pretends to go every morning so her Polish immigrant family doesn't have to find out she fizzled. And Rachel is the best elementary school teacher in the world but has a completely empty life when she's not at school. After hearing that Emma's parents have abandoned her failed boat building project to the trash collectors, the three millennial women drive to rural Maryland to rescue and restore both the boat and their pride. As they build, they learn from each other and two colorful locals what may be required to reconcile their dreams with their realities.

Director Bio:
Adrienne Subia is a native Californian artist and filmmaker. Her main inspirations stem from anthropology, music, nature, and a great appreciation for the German Expressionist era of Film. Her roots lie in the San Joaquin Valley, but over time she has found herself throughout various cities within California. For the last several years she has been writing and directing her own films while simultaneously exploring her passion for lighting design and installation. She hopes to continue to meet and collaborate with other artists and create unique pieces of work. Currently, she is living between Los Angeles and New York.