Director: Tali Shalmon Ezer
Narrative Feature :: Vanguard
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Sunday, November 15
7:15 PM
Thalian Black
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Tali Shalmon Ezer

Elad Gavish, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery

Radek Ladczuk

Neta Dvorkis

Art Director:
Dror Elhadad

Ishai Adar

Sound Design:
Aviv Aldema

Keren Mor, Shira Haas, Ori Pfeffer, Adar Zohar Hanetz
Release Year:
Adar, an androgynous 12-year-old girl, lives in a small apartment with her mother, Alma, and her young stepfather, Michael. The three co-exist in an unconventional and intimate way, with Adar often slipping into bed to sleep with Alma and Michael. While Alma is at work, Adar's close relationship with the unemployed Michael has taken a dark turn, involving gender-bending role-playing games that turn fantasy into violation. As Adra's home life turns increasingly intrusive, she begins to search for help outside, but discovers she must retreat into a new friendship with Alan, a waifish boy who looks startlingly like her, in order to cope.

Director Bio:
Director/screenwriter Tali Shalom Ezer was born in Israel. She graduated from the Tel Aviv University Film Department, where she currently teaches. PRINCESS is her debut feature film. Shalom Ezerís previous films include: Surrogate (2009), 58 minutes, Best Feature, International Womenís Film Festival Rechovot, Special Mention FEMINA, Official Selectino Edinburgh Film Festival; Living Room (2006), 19 mintues, Cannes Film Festival; and A Summer at Abarbanel (2005), 60 minutes, documentary, second prize for Best Film at DocAviv.