Director: Sam Carroll
Documentary Feature :: Voices
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Screening Info:
Sunday, November 15
10:45 AM
Jengo's Playhouse
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Darla Wynn
For years before moving to Great Falls, Wiccan High Priestess Darla Wynn, was a celebrated spiritual figure in the pagan community, nationally recognized for her volunteer work with pagan prisoners. Within two years of moving to town, she was known as the "Great Falls Witch." This lead to her becoming the target of relentless harassment, threats and brutally violent attacks by many of the small Christian town's residents. Unable to leave her home to work a job, or practice her ministry, she was forced to sever all ties to the community, taking up life as a heavily-armed hermit. Terrorized into submission, she was driven to silence. The film begins 9 years after Darla cut ties to the community, her situation has remained dire and unchanged. We find her as she has reached an emotional tipping point and decides she is ready to face her fears and take back her life.