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What If...

Short Film
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Screening Info:
Sunday, November 15
4:30 PM
CFCC Union Station
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Alabama Goolsby, Age 6
Anastasia Van De Berg, Age 12
Caroline Maxfield, Age 10
Carson Holmes, Age 12
Lily Goolsby, Age 7
Neeka Brill, Age 8
Samuel Crowder, Age 10
Sydney Roy, Age 11
Rileigh Pedersen, Age 10
Riley Moore, Age 11
Release Year:
United States
We all wonder, what if we could change something for the better wether it be something simple like our eating habits or something extreme like constitution amendments. What if…? is an exploration of what needs to change in today’s world according to our future generation. In this PSA, children explain what they would change about their country, their community, their parents, and their selves.

Screening in Earbob Shorts