Bus to Lumberton

Installation / Performance :: Special Programs
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Friday, November 13
6:00 PM
Barbary Coast

Special guests:
Yamil Rodriguez (New Orleans)
Betsy Holt (Los Angeles)
A mind blowing immersion experiment in an artificial world where you may not feel entirely comfortable inspired by David Lynch's "Blue Velvet"...

Beware! FRIDAY THE 13th! This year Michael Arcos is taking on the Bus To Lumberton Event. Bringing his film "Dream Throat," into a larger scale installation/performance where you will be taken down a challenging and dark path through the underbelly of Wilmington to a mysterious end. Meeting at Barbary Coast Bar during the hours of 6pm-12am, small groups willI be led to two men who will then drive you to the next location.

Not for the light of heart or meek. Participate if you dare.

RSVP required. Central meeting area will be at Barbary Coast (116 S Front St). Find the strange lady who will give you instructions.

Further information and reservations will be given once you leave your information on this lady's answering machine: 985-790-ROSE