Opening Night Party: Visual/Sound/Walls

Social :: Visual/Sound/Walls
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Screening Info:
Wednesday, November 11
9:00 PM
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A curated collection of mind-blowing music videos from around this planet that we call home. Each video seamlessly transitions into the next, providing a smooth flow of ear pleasing, eye popping entertainment that surrounds the audience with so many projections on so many surfaces that you get the sensation that you’re inside the videos, especially when you see characters, and props, and dance moves from videos, appear in real life, creating a community-interactive, moma-freaking, music video party that’s topped with the sweet cheery of a live performance from the Raleigh band formerly known as Oulipo, now currently called Hotline.

This event is curated by local music video enthusiast, Johnny Gray, screen and projection rigged by grip master of the Triangle area, Matt Hedt, and technically coordinated by wizard of pixels, Aaron Cavazos, and will feature a cast of characters from the community that have assembled for one imperative reason, to publically put on their Cucalorus party pants.

Music Video Playlist (in order of appearance)

Neosignal – “Planet Online” Dir: Dent De Cuir
Tiga - “Bugati” Dir: Helmi
The Foreign Exchange - “Asking For A Friend” Dir: Kenneth Price
Jones – “Instramental” (produced by KON Sci)
Dir: Thomas Wortham
Shad Robinson – “Urchin (We Are Not Worthless)”
Dir: Edwin Tovar, Fredo Tovar & Shad Robinson
Ghostpoet - “Off Peak Dreams” Dir: Liam Saint-Pierre
J.K. The Reaper – “Exodia” Dir: Yates
Goldyard – “Hmmm (Clap Your Heartbeat)” Dir: Justin Mitchener
Flatbush Zombies x Trash Talk - 97.92
Dir: APLUSFilmz & PierPictures
SBTRKT (feat. Ezra Koenig) - “New Dorp. New York.”
Dir: Fons Schiedon
Giraffage – “Tell Me” Dir: Adam Avilla
J. Cole – “Wet Dreamz” Dir: Ryan Staake
Camboi Smif – “I Love Niykee Heaton”
Dir: Johnny Grayyy & Cameron Smith
Lovey Ft. D’est Roy – “Ever Since” Dir: Zack Bailey & Louis Celano
Pictureplanes – “Post Physical” Dir: MENZ
The Hidden Cameras - “Carpe Jugular” Dir: Kai Staenicke
Etienne de Crécy – You Dir: Helmi
Movement – “Ivory” Dir: FLEUR & MANU
Caribou – “Our Love” Dir: Ryan Staake
Jhene Aiko "The Pressure" Dir: Childish Gambino, Calmatic
Blood Orange – “Time Will Tell” Dir: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Cloud Boat – “Carmine” Dir: Chris Toumazou
Patrick Watson “Love Song For Robots”
Dir: Chris Lavis & Maciek Szczerbowsk
Tristes Déserts - A Robot's Tale Dir: Stephanie Winter
Buscabulla - "Caer" Dir: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Lydia Ainsworth - “Malachite” Dir: Matthew Lessner
Is Tropical - “Crawl” Dir: Simon Milner
Celestagramme - “Bos Taurus” Dir: Zoë Dehmer
Radio People – “Night Club” Dir: Jonny Look
The Garden – “All Smiles Over Here :)” Dir: Jonny Look
Dead Ghosts – “Summer With Phil” Dir: Jonny Look
Ameriglow - “Dream Pt. 1” Dir: Ryan Walker
Geronimo Getty - “Greyhound Blues” Dir: Dave Merson Hess
Hungry Girl – “I’m In Need” Dir: Cory Howard
Acollective – “Breakapart” Dir: Tal Zagreba & Noam Sharon
Oulipo – “Shine On You Crazy Bastard” Dir: Mohit Jaswal