Director: Alex Zhuraviov
Short Film
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Saturday, November 14
3:45 PM
CFCC Union Station
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Release Year:
United States
A​young woman finds herself lost in a deep forest. She is blindfolded and unable to see as she walks towards a mysterious voice. She speaks of her future self, a person she desires to become. Extending her hands she reaches towards another woman in white. Their meeting is warm and transcending, an ideal moment of self discovery. She speaks of dissatisfaction with her present life and desires to become the person of her dreams. She takes down her blindfold and looks towards the sky, only to see a mysterious man looming over her. As he extends his hand to her, the dream­like world fades into reality. The young woman wakes up on her sofa, in a dream-­like haze. She sees the man from her dream as he walk towards her in a dimly room. Bound by his control, she finds herself back in the glade of the forest. Silently sitting next to the woman in white, she stands up tall. She walks confidently with a new found belief in herself.

Screening with Welcome to Happiness