Is Tropical - “CRAWL”

Director: Simon Milner
Music Video :: Visual/Sound/Walls
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Wednesday, November 11
9:00 PM

If you look at Is Tropical’s catalog of music videos you may notice they share a common theme of genre defiance. Perhaps none more so than this clip from Simon Milner. Using the punch of the guitars to thrust the viewer jarringly into a brief glimpse of what just might be a reality we recognize, a rock show. But with a blink of an eye and the end of that guitar’s sting, we’re back in whatever-the-hell alternate reality that’s populated with sexy women that are sometimes multi-armed, and all times bendy in superhuman ways, and just in case your having trouble pinpointing the plot points of this narrative, there’s subtitles of the lyrics in the lower portion of the screen, and you can read them all if you know every language and even a couple of the dead ones. Does a person that’s mastered every language even exist? Is it possible to fit that much knowledge in a human brain? I feel like those bendy women could possibly have that knowledge uploaded on the brain drives, but they aren’t even in this reality.