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The Devil's Candy

Director: Sean Byrne
Narrative Feature :: Convulsions
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Saturday, November 14
10:00 PM
Thalian Main
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Sean Byrne

Keith Calder, Jessica Calder

Chris Harding, Roxanne Benjamin

Simon Chapman

Production Designer:
Thomas S. Hammock

Andy Canny

Costume Design:
Stacy Ellen Rich

Original Music:
Michael Yezerski

Music Supervisor:
Jonathan McHugh

Ethan Embry, Shiri Appleby, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Kiara Glasco
Jesse, a struggling artist, and his young wife Astrid and daughter Zooey buy the house of their dreams after the price is driven down by the property's mysterious dark past. Their lives begin to unravel when Jesse's paintings take a satanic turn as he begins to channel the voice of the devil, and then Ray, the deranged son of the former owners, becomes obsessed with Zooey after showing up on their doorstep demanding to return home. Soon it becomes clear that Ray and Jesse are both being influenced by the same dark forces and that Jesse's family isn't safe from Ray or from the devil himself.