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Port City Pitch: NEW Performance Culture / SpeedFaces

Keynotes & Speakers :: CONNECT
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Friday, November 13
10:00 AM
Thalian Main

Performance Culture is a web-based performance management platform that helps managers and employees improve through the three steps of align, coach and manage. The software system replaces traditional employee appraisals and performance reviews with a platform built for team leaders and their employees. While each organization's culture is unique, a Performance Culture includes a pattern of remarkably consistent behaviors, known as core values. The Performance Culture Systemô helps organizations learn how to develop and coach team members using the core values found in high performing companies.

SpeedFaces is an end to end virtual student services platform focused on increasing retention through browser based communication, relationship management and analytics. Navigating the college experience is challenging for any student. The key to success is providing human interaction to guide students down the right path. Like an operator at a switchboard, SpeedFaces ensures students have meaningful conversations with the right people, at the right time, and in the right context. SpeedFaces is an end to end communications, relationship management and analytics solution. Our virtual platform increases student access to admissions, student services, career services, and alumni relations -- while allowing the latter to manage more students efficiently and effectively in less time.