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Port City Pitch: NEW ServiceWhale / LifeGait

Keynotes & Speakers :: CONNECT
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Thursday, November 12
9:30 AM
Thalian Main

ServiceWhale promises the best deal for home improvement projects in minutes. Homeowners select what service is needed and then instantly view custom quotes from all contractors ready to perform the work. No calls or meetings with contractors are needed to bid the project and identify the lowest price. ServiceWhale launched in Philadelphia and is expanding to other major metros.

LifeGait has developed a non-invasive, real-time, affordable method for athletes, their parents and teams to measure when one is approaching concussion from either side. By using its patented Biokinetographs (BKGs), proprietary algorithms and the Internet of Things (IoT), LifeGait is creating advanced technological products that are affordable for the mass market.