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Port City Pitch: NEW TacLace / Special Pedals

Keynotes & Speakers :: CONNECT
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Wednesday, November 11
9:30 AM
Thalian Main

TacLace is the most innovative way to secure your laces and allows you to make those critical seconds count when lacing up your footwear. TacLace cuts down on potentially critical preparation time with no more tightening, tying, wrapping, tucking, loose laces, or discomfort. With TacLace, all you have to do is pull, cinch, and wrap and you are ready to rock!

Special Pedals Inc. envisions a community where adults with disabilities can work at jobs that offer equal hours, pay, and quality of life. The mission of Special Pedals is to provide an individualized training and fulfilling employment opportunity for adults with disabilities, by building a bike shop that also provides convenient low-cost bikes and bike repairs to college students. Special Pedals recently won the Wilmington Discovery Forum rocket pitch hosted at UNCW CIE, a program of the Institute for Emerging issues.