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Keynote: Carlton Turner, Cultural Equity

Keynotes & Speakers :: CONNECT
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Thursday, November 12
10:00 AM
Thalian Main
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Cultural equity, diversity, inclusion, creative placemaking, and innovation have long been buzzwords in the artistic community. Today, they are part of an evolving framework influencing commercial, business and activist circles. Carlton Turner will unpack these ideas through the lens of social justice and racial equity, showing how they impact a community.

Carlton Turner is the Executive Director of Alternate ROOTS, a regional non-profit arts organization based in the South. Carlton is also co-founder and co-artistic director, along with his brother Maurice Turner, of the group M.U.G.A.B.E.E. (Men Under Guidance Acting Before Early Extinction), a performing arts group that blends of jazz, hip-hop, spoken word poetry and soul music together with non-traditional storytelling. Throughout Carlton’s career he has worked as a lead convener with Voices from the Cultural Battlefront: Organizing for Cultural Equity, an ongoing 20+ year international conversation about the role of art and culture in the struggle for human rights.