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Cat Salad

Installation / Performance :: Special Programs
Running Time:

Screening Info:
Saturday, November 14
11:59 PM
Jengo's Playhouse

Cat Salad is a non-GMO, publicly crowdsourced screening event --a medley of sound-image ingredients being showcased this year at Cucalorus 21.

Cat Salad ingredients are PREPARED BY YOU and sent to our master salad spinners who will wash, chop, and prepare them to be tossed into a healthy and delicious meal of media.

Anyone can send us ingredients!

GUIDELINES: 1. All video or audio submissions must be under 3 minutes
2. Make something you think is tasty

Still images are also OK!

Send submissions to

Anything received by November 4th, 2015 is guaranteed to be included. Submissions received after then may still be included.